Wintertime Fence Installation Ideas

You don’t have to wait until spring to have a fence installed! Unless the ground is frozen solid several inches below the surface, fences can be installed in winter. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits to installing a fence during the winter month:

  1. Fence companies are likely to have more time to devote to you because most people aren’t getting their fences installed this time of year.
  2. The cost of fencing material is usually better this time of year because the supply is greater than demand.
  3. Installing a fence in the winter is easier on your landscaping because most trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant and can be trimmed or relocated without causing long-term damage.
  4. By installing a fence in the winter, you’ll be free to enjoy your yard the first day spring hits (host an outdoor barbeque party if you want!).

However, winter installation does present some challenges. The biggest challenge is that you’ll have to be patient.

You will likely have to wait longer for your fence to be installed. It’s harder to work outside in cold weather so prepare yourself for delays depending on the weather.

Wintertime Fence Installation

Winter fence installation requires the fence contractor to be more creative. For instance, they might use large tarps to shield themselves and your fence from rain or snow while installing certain parts of the fence.

Also, don’t expect perfect fence lines this time of year either. Trees will sag under heavy snowfall (which can actually enhance your fenceline) but strong winds can take their toll on fencelines too. But again, if you’re building a fence in winter, you’ll probably be looking at higher quality fencing materials because it’s harder for them to source the material during other seasons.

Lastly, make sure you’re prepared for after-installation cleanup. Winterization means leaves are all over lawns and lack of landscape irrigation means that fencelines and fenceposts will likely be home to frost heave and soil creep (snowmelt can also lead to muddy fencelines). You’ll want to use light pressure washers to clean fenceposts and fenceline areas after installation.

To help fence contractors get your fence installed fast, consider expedited fence installation.

Fencing installation in winter can be physically demanding. Hauling materials, digging postholes, and wrestling large fence panels against freezing temperatures can be exhausting.  That’s why we recommend leaving a winter-time fence installation to the pros.  Call us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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