Fence Styles from El Paso Fence Builders

Is it time to have a fence professionally installed around your commercial property or residential property? Is your old fence in need of a replacement, or just a simple repair? Are you looking to work with a professional fence company in El Paso, TX? Are you hoping that the fence company you find is not only professional, but is also staffed with fence experts who have many years of experience working with fences and building fences? If this is the case, then El Paso Fence Builders is the right fence company for you!

El Paso fence Builders is a professional fence company who offers a variety of expert fencing services to all of El Paso, TX. We are completely dedicated to our customers and are a well-established fence company who is also fully staffed with fence experts. Our fence experts will be sure to fulfill all of your fencing needs, all while performing our expert fencing services in a professional manner. Our expert fencing services include (but are not limited to): fence installation, fence repair, gate installation, gate repair, pool fence installation, pool fence repair, security fence installation, and security fence repair.

Our professional fence company offers such a selection of expert fencing services so that we can provide our residential customers and commercial customers with more than just an expert fence service. We are able to provide all of our customers with high quality fence materials and a selection of fence styles to better meet all of your fencing needs.

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Expert Fence Installation in El Paso, TX

Here at El Paso Fence Builders we aim to provide you with an expert fence service that is both stress free and simple. Our expert fence installers are completely dedicated to working with you and meeting all of your fencing needs—and will be sure to make the fence installation process stress free for you.

The first step in the fence installation process is for our expert fence installation team to come out to your residential property or commercial property to assess your land. At that time we will help you determine what your best option is for a new residential fence or new commercial fence. We will also help you design a custom fence that will meet all of your fencing needs. Once this process has commenced, El Paso Fence Builders will take care of the rest!

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Expert Fence Repair in El Paso, TX

No one wants to have a damaged fence, and a damaged fence can be very crucial. Some people experience major fence damage, such as part of the fence falling down or a hole appearing in your fence. Others will experience minor damage like a leaning fence post, a gate that needs repair, or even chipping paint. At El Paso Fence Builders the extent to your fence damage is not an issue for us. Our expert fence repair team will be sure to perform any fence repair.

Our expert fence repair team will come out to your commercial property or residential property as soon as possible in order to assess the damage done to your fence. We will assess the damage and then discuss with you what we are hoping to have done to your fence so that we can make the fence repair happen. Once that has been done, our expert fence repair team will perform the fence repair, and your fence will look as good as new!

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High Quality Fence Materials from El Paso Fence Builders

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Along with our variety of expert fence services in El Paso, TX, El Paso Fence Builders is also able to offer our customers with the highest quality fence materials on the market to this day. We have vinyl/ PVC for a high quality privacy fence to iron for an iron fence. Every fence material we offer to our customers is made to last, and is the highest quality fence material.

The vinyl/ PVC that we use for our vinyl privacy fences is easy to maintain, can come in a selection of colors, and is made with the highest quality vinyl/ PVC on the market. If you are in need of an elegant iron fence, you will receive the highest quality iron on the market. Our iron fences are always polished and elegant, and no weld marks will be visible on your fence. We also have wood for our wooden fences. The wood we use is treated with a solution that will help the wood fence last its lifetime.

Here are some of the high quality fence materials that our professional fence company offers: wood, vinyl/ PVC, iron, aluminum, chain link, and so on.

Fence Styles from El Paso Fence Builders

At El Paso Fence Builders, we understand that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to their lifestyle, and offering one generic fence style is not realistic at all. On top of our expert fencing services and high quality fence materials, we also offer a selection of fence styles to meet your fencing needs. This will help us achieve our goal of making sure you get top of the line fencing services, and that all of your fencing needs are met.

Our 2 most popular fence styles that we offer are the chain link fence and the privacy fence. Chain link fences are very popular amongst both commercial properties and residential properties. You can see them around homes, highly restricted areas, construction zones, and so on. We can build your chain link fence as tall as you need it to be, or even as short as you need it to be. The privacy fence is usually built with our high quality wood or high quality vinyl/ PVC—and they are very easy to maintain. Privacy fences are common around homes and restricted areas.

We offer a classic picket fence and a pool fence as well. You would mainly see pool fences around public pools, apartment pools, hotel pools, and sometimes residential pools. We highly recommend a pool fence built with aluminum or PVC, but they can be built with whatever fence material you would like. Our classic picket fences are built with vinyl or PVC, just as the privacy fences, and offer a very classic look to your home.